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NV Potel-Prieux L'Instant Brut Rose

NV Potel-Prieux L'Instant Brut Rose

Year: NV
Country: France
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I've recently begun working with a small Champagne importer based in Reims that is focused on tiny grower champagne producers. I've tasted through approximately 25 of the wines and have selected 8 that I feel offer exceptional quality given their price points - which by the way are all very friendly. This wine reminds me of a Billecart Salmon Rose at half the price!

33% Chardonnay
33% Pinot Noir with 4% red wine
33% Pinot Munier
Production - 2500cs

A beautifully crafted, delicate rose based on the classic Champagne proportions. Good minerality, wonderful soft fruits and a perfect finish. Highly Recommended!